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NCERT Book for Class 12 Humanities

The class 12 Humanities NCERT textbook seeks to reduce students’ anxiety about the material and the syllabus. The books offer learning in a unique way that no other references can because they are in-depth, analytical, and exemplary. The NCERT books for Class 12 Humanities were created following the CBSE’s exact specifications and requirements.

NCERT Book for Class 12 Subject Wise

Political Science

A key tool for exam preparation is the Indian Constitution at Work and Political Theory textbook from the NCERT for Class 12. Political science chapter-by-chapter essential themes for a better understanding of the subject are included in the NCERT textbooks for class 12. Clear content in the class 12 political science textbook PDF aids the student in earning high marks in the final exams for no charge.


The history textbook for Class 12 from NCERT demonstrates a thorough comprehension of historical events. The NCERT textbooks for Class 12 History adhere to the most recent CBSE curriculum. Furthermore, candidates for government jobs and applicants highly regard the topic of History NCERT class 12. The themes in the World History textbook PDF was written by top professors who are experts in the field and are clear and comprehensive.


Sociology and society, terms, concepts, and their application in sociology, comprehending social institutions, culture, and socialization, research and methods of sociology, social structure stratification, and social processes in society are only a few topics covered in the NCERT textbook Class 12 Sociology. Additionally, they discuss environmental issues and society, social development, and social order in rural and urban settings, as well as the research of western and Indian sociologists. We at K2 Institute strive to give students a complete set of all the materials needed for academic performance and overall growth.


A student who begins studying the challenging topic of psychology has their initial understanding of the human mind through psychology. The study of psychology opens doors to many professions, including but not limited to those of counselors, clinical psychologists, and others. These occupations are highly appreciated in today’s society and are also well renowned for being entirely based on the issue at hand. What psychology is, techniques of inquiry in psychology, the foundations of human behavior, human development, sensory attentional and perceptual processes, learning, human memory, reasoning, and motivation and emotion are just a few of the themes covered in the NCERT textbook.


The geography textbook for Class 12 from NCERT is a comprehensive resource for understanding all the key concepts. Fundamentals of Geography, India: Physical Environment and Practical Work in Geography are the three geography NCERT class 12 textbooks based on class 12 final exams. Due to its specific and valuable content, UPSC applicants choose the Class 12 Geography NCERT PDF above other options for school examinations.


There are two sections to the Class 12 English NCERT books: the main textbook and the supplemental reader. Wide-ranging content is included in the English NCERT Class 12 textbook for test preparation. The English Class, 12 NCERT books’ PDFs, are organized by chapter and are transparent.

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