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Coaching Class for Class 11 Commerce

Shahdara, Delhi

The students in CBSE Class 11 Commerce are introduced to new topics they have never encountered before. These disciplines are the only ones that assist a student in managing their daily affairs. Additionally, they have a significant impact on the nation's economic growth. Students are introduced to the essential foundational ideas in accountancy, economics, and business studies in this stream, which is very beneficial in higher education. Due to the introduction of these concepts and the 3-month delay in the Class X board results, children have numerous challenges.

Coaching Class for Class 11 Commerce Subjects


While accounting does need a diverse range of talents and abilities, as well as exceptional attention to detail, it isn't any more challenging than many other popular disciplines of study that lead to rewarding lifelong careers. We strive to prepare for the best.


Higher classes maths appears to be challenging but constant practice fixes this along with the extra material that we are going to provide to the every situation.

Business Studies

BST is a theoretical subject and hence it becomes easy to score for a commerce student. You need be well versed in learning and memorising along with the understanding.


Apart from creating a platform where the syllabus is taught, we aim at teaching this language beyond the syllabus to facilitate growth and encouraging abilities of student to face the outside world.


This appears to be a new subjects wherein you need to grasp new concepts like supply and demand, scarcity, diminishing returns, and ,many more. It requires you learn new vocabulary and to use critical thinking skills.

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Complete Curriculum Coverage

We put our complete efforts to ensure that the prescribed curriculum is implemented in a manner that students attain the intended capacity to perform well in the subject. Timely coverage of the entire syllabus is very important.

Build Concepts

We make sure that students are consistent and determined towards their academics which make their concept stronger and strengthened.

Guranteed Performance Improvement

Perfection is a myth but practice is a reality. We provide a warm and encouraging environment that ultimately leads to the performance improvement and growth of the child.

Provision to Choose the Mode of Classes

Yes, you heard it right. K2 institute acknowledges the pros and cons of both online and offline modes of education and depending upon the child’s requirement, classes can be fixed.

K2 Online Education

We aim at providing quality education along with individual attention to all the students. The weekly tests that we conduct boost the confidence of students and gives us an understanding about their interest and aptitude as well.

K2 Offline Education

Currently, our offline institutes are Delhi based only. We serve education in the four different corners of East Delhi.

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We offer coaching classes for class 11 Commerce in Shahdara, Delhi, and strive to present the most effective curriculum possible with the proper combination of pedagogy, material, and technology. Technology helps us achieve this by allowing us to create creative and economic forms of education.

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