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Online Classes for Class 12 Commerce

K2 Institute offers online classes for class 12 commerce. Our teachers are qualified specialists who can help you to understand concepts and address problems. There are no limitations on what topic you can choose. You've come to the correct place if you're looking for online commerce classes for class 12.

Class 12 Commerce Online Classes Subjects

Class 12 Accounts Online Classes

The next lesson for the students is accounting, which is all about money. We are expected to utilize this material realistically in our life as commerce students. We shouldn't take the chance of losing interest in the subject too quickly; instead, we should study it with a private instructor to ensure that our foundational knowledge is vital.

Class 12 Business Studies Online Classes

New ideas are covered in business studies class 12. One of the most crucial topics in class 12 commerce online courses, it seeks to give students a solid understanding of the dynamic environment in which businesses must function. Students who take online classes for class 12 commerce in business studies gain life skills, are taught business ethics, and can behave more responsibly as citizens.

Economics Online Classes for Class 12

Students can connect economics class 12's theories and reasoning to their everyday lives. Economics, studied in class 12 and focuses on resource allocation and decision-making, is the study of households, people, and businesses.

Class 12 Maths Online Classes

The student utilizes, integrates, and recognizes spatial and numerical techniques. Even though it's still tricky and unfamiliar, class 12 math is easier for science students. Our online classes for class 12 science course make logical reasoning, creative capacity, aptitude, and thought processes easy. Math is more than just a study; it's a practical skill.

English Online Classes for Class 12

The primary textbook English literature classes allow you to gain a complete understanding of literary theory, history, and criticism. They also improve your comprehension of various traditions and civilizations. They also help children have more imagination to visualize written stories.

Complete Course Annual Fees for Online Classes for Class 12 Commerce

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₹ 5000

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Business Studies

₹ 5000

Total (Incl. of all taxes)


₹ 5000

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₹ 5000

Total (Incl. of all taxes)


₹ 5000

Total (Incl. of all taxes)

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Complete Curriculum Coverage

We put our complete efforts to ensure that the prescribed curriculum is implemented in a manner that students attain the intended capacity to perform well in the subject. Timely coverage of the entire syllabus is very important.

Build Concepts

We make sure that students are consistent and determined towards their academics which make their concept stronger and strengthened.

Guranteed Performance Improvement

Perfection is a myth but practice is a reality. We provide a warm and encouraging environment that ultimately leads to the performance improvement and growth of the child.

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We offer online commerce classes for class 12 in India and strive to present the most effective curriculum possible with the proper combination of pedagogy, material, and technology. Technology helps us achieve this by allowing us to create creative and economic forms of education.

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