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CBSE Notes for class 6

It takes a lot of work to study for an exam since you have to recall all you have read and comprehended in class quickly. These class 6th notes act as a road map to help you navigate the intricate CBSE syllabus. You can effectively divide your attention while studying the chapters using CBSE notes for class 6. The notes are written in a simple style that makes them easy to understand. These notes make reading through the chapters at the last minute simpler. The notes include a brief overview of each chapter, ensuring students use their time wisely.

CBSE Notes for Class 6 Subject-Wise

Social Studies

To achieve high marks in the board exams, chapter-by-chapter CBSE Notes for Class 6 Social Science SST was created by knowledgeable teachers using the most recent NCERT editions. SST Class 6 Notes included Civics, Geography, and History. You will find NCERT Class 6 Social Science notes for history, geography, and civics here.


To achieve high scores in the board exams, professional teachers created chapter-by-chapter CBSE Notes for Class 6 Math using the most recent edition of NCERT books. All chapters are included in the NCERT Class 6 Maths Notes.

We hope that the chapter-by-chapter CBSE Notes and Key Points for Class 6 Maths Pdf will assist you.


The CBSE Class 6 Science Notes contain all the answers to the questions in the Class 6 Science textbooks, along with a few crucial exam-focused questions and a few objective questions. The K2 Institute offers free access to the CBSE Class 6 Notes in PDF format. Every other area of contemporary life benefits from the study of science. An understanding of science is required for everything, including machine noise, construction noise, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the games we play and love, and the homes in which we all live. Every aspect of our lives has been impacted by science.


For CBSE Class 6 English, we have supplied a complete explanation, summary, complex words, and question answers. Here, the lessons are offered with thorough explanations from start to finish. For kids in class 6, it is ready for study. You can find the entire Notes for Class 6 English.

This thorough study guide includes back exercises, explanations, chapter-by-chapter notes, and questions and answers.

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