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NCERT Solutions for Class 6

Get the NCERT Solutions for Class 6 from K2 Institute. Our solutions are individually created by our professionals using the CBSE grading scheme for the best scores. Our students have an advantage over other students thanks to the solutions’ attention to detail. Our team attends to every demand of the student and ensures that all questions are answered as quickly as possible. We adhere to an individual-centred philosophy and promise that each student who uses our services will receive individualised attention. Social Studies, Math, Science, and English are covered under Class 6 NCERT Solutions.

NCERT Solution for Class 6 Subject Wise

Social Studies

The principles of civics, geography and history are clearly described through solutions. A learner can gain competent social science understanding by practising with all the questions and can evaluate their performance with the aid of the Class 6 NCERT SST solutions. The CBSE Class 6 SST solutions are broken down with a thorough explanation to help students succeed in the tests.


Class 6 NCERT math solutions have been selected per the CBSE curriculum to enhance the student’s capacity for logical thought. Our class 6 NCERT solutions PDFs offer a thorough understanding of many math concepts written in simple language. A simple method was used to resolve the issues and create the class 6 math NCERT solutions.


Students can read the class 6 science NCERT solutions whenever they wish because they are built around all the key ideas. Our knowledgeable teachers have prepared each topic to help students prepare for their exams. For the science NCERT book, students must download chapter-by-chapter solutions and explanations for the activity-based questions.


Students who have a solid understanding of the class 6 English NCERT solutions can easily ace their exams. To help students earn bonus points on their annual exam, our knowledgeable tutors have written clear, extensive explanations for every question. We have provided class 6 English NCERT solutions in a simple language

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