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Mock Test for Class 12 Science

The chapters covered in Class 12 will serve as the basis for more complex topics covered in Class 12, making CBSE Class 12 Notes a crucial resource for pupils. As a result, students must study each topic carefully and comprehend it. While students need to maximise their study methods, having a study note might be helpful, particularly when the exam is approaching. These CBSE Class 12 Notes assist students in effectively studying and being familiar with all the key ideas. Additionally, students can use these notes to quickly recall all of the chapters and topics from CBSE Class 12 by using them.

Mock Test for Class 12 Science Subject Wise


The latest edition of the NCERT books was used as the basis for the CBSE Notes and Key Points for Class 12 Physics Notes, which are available for free download. All chapters from the Physics Class 12 Notes are included in the NCERT Physics Class 12 Notes. Here are the Class 12 CBSE Physics Notes. We advise you to learn the Class 12 Physics NCERT notes.


Over the years, ideas have been challenged, like ionic bonding, van der Waals forces, atomic structure, and redox processes. Students should use CBSE Notes Class 12 Chemistry Notes to study these courses properly. The other chapters are also important, so students should take advantage of them. It would be very harmful. The notes for the CBSE are made to make it simple for students to learn chemical concepts. When appropriate, frameworks and structures have been constructed, and most technical jargon has been explained.


We have included 12th Class Biology CBSE Notes here to aid students in learning more efficiently. These CBSE Notes for Class 12 Biology cover all the crucial ideas and pictures to aid students in correctly understanding the chapters. The notes align with the most recent CBSE syllabus and recommendations to aid pupils in achieving high exam scores. Learning biology with these NCERT Biology Class 12 Notes will be simple and effective. Additionally, students can download the notes in PDF format and review the crucial material whenever they can. To swiftly learn the specifics of a chapter.


Every subject is equally significant and merits extra attention because class 12 is the career-determining stage of a student’s life. However, pupils must pay close attention because math is the most complex and vital subject. You can divide your attention strategically with the CBSE Class 12 Maths Notes. Class 12 math notes were created by experienced educators, who categorised each chapter according to the significant subjects that carried a heavy weight and had a high likelihood of appearing in exams. This allowed for speedy learning. Students may swiftly review all the crucial formulas, ideas, and concepts during test time by referring to our notes in order to ace them with high marks.


Expert teachers compiled Chapter-Wise CBSE Class 12 English Notes Summary of All Chapters in Pdf Download from the most recent NCERT Textbook edition.

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