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Learn Maths Class 11 Chapter - limits and derivatives

If you are having the option of paying for the particular chapter then why to pay for complete year subscription. K2 Institute introducing micro course. Learn the chapter which you finds difficult to learn. Class 10 mathematics Surface area and volume.

About Course

  • K2 Institute`s Chapter Specific course is designed to help the students to get perfect in one chapter in which they face difficulty for CBSE exam and it is geared towards bringing maximum performance from a child.
    This course will be taken by expert certified CBSE teachers with 10+ years of experience and have produced Top All India Ranks .As a student you are required to study the previous chapter of this course in details, during the course our teacher will explain all concepts in details specific to the chapter you have enrolled for.

    * This micro course include special doubts session .
    * Recording of the live class for revision in future
    * Class Notes
    * Mock Test
    * Assignment